What people are saying

  • Amol R.
    Tasty food and good vibes. Brisket is out of this world.
    Amol R.
  • Frank F.
    Very impressive. Great service and the BBQ pulled pork was pretty good. The best part is that they serve a variety of beers that cater to all taste buds.
    Frank F.
  • Eric J.
    I have eaten a lot of barbecue and my 53 years on this wonderful planet and yours has to be up in the top 5 top 2 mind being number one cuz you know how that goes people just personal about their food but I wish I hadn't waited so long to visit cuz I'd be a lot fatter and my wallet be allotted for empty will definitely be back more than one time your service people there phenomenal they were great if more restaurants have people like you are working for them be a better place and enjoy dining experience will be awesome like it was at your place I hope you're here in Lowell for a long long time cuz I plan to be.
    Eric J.

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